Alcohol i Skönhetsprodukter, krämer och Parfym

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It is vitally important that we as muslims are fully aware that we are consuming and using halal products. On this page (according to Hanifi fiqh) I hope to present and make clear the issue of using Alcohol based ingredients in medicines and skincare products. The majority of the info on this page is taken from (halaal food guide service. If you feel any of this information is incorrect please let them know.

Almighty Allah (SWT) says,
"O people of Imaan! Eat of the pure things (Halaal) that We have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah"


The general rule on the use of alcohol based perfumes/deodrants, etc is that if the alcohol has been extracted from grapes or dates their use will be forbidden since this is Najis (impure) and will thus make the body and clothes impure. Only alcohol which is derived from dates and grapes is filthy and impermissible to use.

1. Skincare products

Ethyl Alcohol - Haraam

(it is mentioned in Muslim Food Guide (1420/200 edition) that Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is also impermissible as it is generated from the fermentation of sugars from cane, forming the intoxicating element of all fermented liquors)

Ethyl Alcohol is also used in many cosmetic agents both for men (Aftershave Lotion) and for female perfumes. Ethyl Alcohol is absorbed through the skin. It then passes through the flesh into the blood vessels and finally mixes with the blood and circulates throughout the body. Once in the blood it is as good as if one has ingested through the mouth. As a small quantity of any intoxicant is haram therefore, as mentioned earlier, all liquid cosmetic products containing Ethyl Alcohol are prohibited. Other names given to synthetic Ethyl Alcohol are, Ethanol, Methylated Spirits (contains 5 percent Methyl Alcohol and 95 percent Ethyl Alcohol). Products containing these ingredients therefore will also be prohibited.

Cetyl Alcohol - halaal

"Cetyl alcohol is a long chain alcohol which is solid hence obviously not drinkabale nor does it cause intoxication if at all ingested. Therefore, it is halal to use in cosmetic products. It is also not absorbed through the skin when applied as a cream.

Lanolin is a permissable ingredient

phenoxyethanol - not etyl based therefore Halaal

"Cetearyl alcohol - (Halaal), in cosmetics and skincare Cetearyl Alcohol is not really an "alcohol" such as ethyl or rubbing alcohol, which would dry the skin, but is an emulsifying wax made by combining fatty alcohols derived from vegetable sources.

Denatured Alcohol - Halaal

Denatured alcohol is an industrial methylated spirit or surgical spirit (contains natural or synthesised ethanol and denaturing agent such as methanol or methylisobutyl ketone). We regard it as permissible for external use.

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